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Building Surveying -- lets dig into it! | FOTL

Buildings need to be up to code... who checks them?

Solicitor Apprenticeships exist... | FOTL E8

What exactly is a solicitor apprentice? How does it differ from the traditional route?

HR In Greater Manchester? | FOTL E7

Episode 7 is here!

FOTL E6 | Meeting Rylan? Freelance and an Apprenticeship as a Production Runner.

Looking at how I edit and Interviewing James Hancock!

FOTL E5 | What Engineering taught 50 years ago?

This episode looks at the landscape when apprenticeships were last standardized!

FOTL E4 | A busy schedule plus an apprenticeship? How is that possible?

Who knew.. you can do an apprenticeship much later in your career?!

FOTL Episode 3 | This one is about economics at the Bank of England

The Bank of England offers training from really early on?

FOTL Episode 2 | That one with computers and being a network engineering apprentice

Episode 2 is here! This one talks about working in the Telecommunications Field and some of challenges in an industry with really old kit!

FOTL Episode 1 | That one about training to be a Paediatric Nurse

Welcome to the Series! The first episode is about working in the medical field, specifically with a focus on Nursing!

A Careers Newsletter Interview

This was written for a careers newsletter for a school. It was published in Oct 2022 and was written in May 2022.