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IfATE Profile

This was a shot profile that was included on the "Panel of Apprentices" page for IfATE

Multiple Developers; One Discord Bot?

Making a Discord bot, allowing multiple developers, and having it deploy? Surely... it is possible?

I will never release any music?

From many failed attempts, I know when to cut my losses, push projects out and understand when something is excellent enough that it can exist in the world. Why is music any different?

Who is responsible for making sure I have my rainy day money?

Should government then mandate we save more to whether recessions and economic blips?

Brits: What is our face-mask problem?

Social Distancing, Regular Handwashing, Face Masks, Bubbles: All these concepts of trying to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

A very dumb experiment in sorting

In an attempt to make a bubble sort, something else occured..

The Mortality Motivator.

How death can motivate us

Problem Solving and the Music Video

How I made a music video. Documenting the process.

Help! I need ideas quick!

How do you generate ideas on the fly, and fast? How do you then filter them

Scrap GCSEs/A-Levels and start again

GCSEs are the main entry point for the next steps in a students career. Are they still fit of purpose?