The Mortality Motivator.

Tolkien wrote that certain characters were given the gift of death as a way of making them the do-ers of his legendarium. I find this sentiment romantic, but not amazingly relatable. The fact that I have an expiry date on my life does not conjure similar ideas to that of Tolkiens sweeping works intend, but it does not scare me either.

Whether having a fixed expiry date leads to some newfound sense of motivation or purpose is something I have not considered. I currently find goal setting, a long term idea and the ability to pick up projects my main. Maybe being scared is what gets some people to do the things, tick off bucket lists,  start things they would never consider doing when they know their clock has spun.

But does having a mindset of being fixed in terms of time on earth really do this? Or is it not a want to get better?

It might be seen as a morbid topic to consider, however, I have had some interesting conversations with one of my relations having a want to be compressed into a precious gemstone.  So there is some humour.