Dangerous History

History is full of danger, irony and even comedy. Lets have a look at some.

The Creation of Gunpowder
Gunpowder- the ignition of war, used in lighting guns and cannons. The functionality behind the beautiful fireworks that everyone sees once a year in November. Also a functional mining technique  before the safe creation of dynamite.

The Chinese are credited with the creation of Gunpowder. The mysterious black powder is said to have caused much havoc in its creation stage, with spontaneous explosion and many deaths at its hands - much like its cousin, the gas lamp, which caused many gas explosions in mines.

But why was it originally created? Original Aim: To create an eternal life elixir. Irony being, that it has probably caused the death of millions and shortened lives, instead of lengthen them.

Colours that be white as snow kill
Paint,  Makeup, Fuel, Plastic PVC Pipes. Lead was used in all off these. As a white pigment in paint and makeup, used in plumbing (of which the name is derived) because of its malleability and usefulness to join copper pipes as a sealant. Also used in Plastic Pipes as a stabilizer due to its properties of forming good bonds.

As we know today, it can leach into water supplies in older houses with older plumbing networks to cause poisoning. Being directly applied to the face, it is absorbed directly into the blood supply. Danger being- we used it to be pretty, and it left people life less.

(A good video about toxic colours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKfjHTk8KrY )

History is full of danger- and alot of could be said to be only about death, however from history we learn for the future. Sometimes the odd things from history are the most interesting. So note- if something is bright white, might not want to touch it.