The Beauty and Patterns of Language

French.  The beautiful romance language of the romantics. Does one wish to "woo" a lover, or create a atmosphere of the at most poinance? Why not try Italian or German. Aren't they romantic or beautiful? What do you define as beautiful?

I love languages because of their patterns and their subtle rules. I love that some languages mean you have to imply, or hear the implied meaning from context, like Japanese. Japanese has you pick out things entirely from a place, rhyme and other meanings, which I find incredible. Like French or Spanish. They've got genders and cases for formal and informal. That is cool. Not just because you can insult someone with the incorrect formality, but you have to think. Most languages have exceptions. Sometimes they have patterns in those exceptions. Also, with those exceptions, some of them have exceptions and some of the exception's exceptions, do not even have a pattern. You've gotta learn 'um.

I wrote in a previous post about not reinventing the wheel, but sometimes you do. But a lesson I have learnt is that, with the complex mess of lots of stings and layers, it can be fun and challenging, to d al with imperfections that create beautiful perfection. They create challenges and sometimes adverse affects. Like in French, to say "80" you have to say "four twenties", however in Swiss French, you can say "eight and a suffix that turns it into a tens value". That is cool to me.

The beauty of patterns and languages. Every changing and evolving.